Our founder, Dave Cameron, grew up in Michigan, where water sports and the outdoors are a way of life. When not working, he spent his time in a canoe chasing fish, but in the late 1980’s his passion turned to kayak fishing and sea kayaks.

…from paddling to stand up fishing in seconds – a perfect marriage of stability and performance. — the Ultimate Fishing Kayak.

Founder, Dave Cameron

Being a design engineer in the automotive industry by trade with several design patents to his name, he was “always trying to build the perfect mouse trap”; and in the early 90’s he set out to design a better fishing craft — a stable kayak with performance. He enthusiastically converted his garage into a boat building shop. Pulling from my fishing, kayaking and mechanical design experience, he began designing prototype after prototype until his first kayak was born.

He soon realized the limitations of fishing from a seated position and set out to design a boat that had all the efficiency and stealth features of a kayak, but one that could be converted to vessel that is stable enough for stand up poling and fishing. From that inspiration, Freedom Hawk and the Freedom 14 were born. A boat that can take you from paddling to stand-up fishing in seconds — the perfect marriage of stability and performance — the Ultimate Fishing Kayak.

Freedom Hawk has continued to grow over the next 5 years. In 2007, kayak industry veteran, and passionate angler, David Hadden was hired to help run the growing company. “Freedom Hawk is different from other companies that manufacture fishing kayaks. We only produce fishing kayaks, this is our passion, and our employees dedicate much of their off hours to chasing fish of all species, fresh and salt…from kayaks. Our goal… to produce the most innovative and technologically superior fishing kayaks in the world…kayaks that will help you catch more fish.

In 2009 we introduced the in-line out rigger system and motor mount option in our Freedom 12 series. This has been taken to the next level for 2012 with the introduction of the Pathfinder. Designed for stand up and sit down fishing in all water conditions, this is the first kayak designed to be fished in 2-200 feet of water. We appreciate our loyal dealer and customer base and look forward to producing the world’s ultimate fishing kayaks for many years to come.

Thank you for your support…and tight lines. Freedom Hawk Kayaks