Fishing for two – kayak tandem fishing what you need to know

One of the more interesting uses of a tandem kayak is fishing. Now a lot of people are against fishing in a tandem kayak because of all of the issues that may arise like your lines getting caught among each other and the lack of space which could lead to tipping and other issues that we won’t go into. By tandem kayak fishing can be one of the most enjoyable sports out there.

Imagine the fun of kayaking with the additional benefit of having a friend they’re doing it with you and being able to talk and enjoy each other’s company while you hunt and look for fish.

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Who is tandem kayak fishing good for

Tandem kayak fishing is great for friends, family, or even if your outs on a father-son trip. You have to keep in mind that there is a weight limit on most tandem kayaks so make sure that you are within this limit because two large stock emails in one small tandem kayak could lead to a lot of uncomfortable situations.

Usually tandem kayak fishing is more of a sport for intermediate to advanced kayakers because if you’re going to invest in a tandem kayak for fishing you have probably already tried kayak fishing on your own otherwise you would not be investing in such a large and expensive sport.

The advantages of tandem kayaks for fishing

One of the great advantages of using a tandem kayak for fishing is the fact that you can avoid having to purchase an expensive boats usually tandem kayaks are much cheaper than a boat you would get and you save fees on the marina costs.

They are also great for in the environment because you are not wasting that extra money on gas and consuming different fuels that are leaked into the water and into our atmosphere.

They are great for your health. Tandem kayaks are a great way for you to paddle out with your partner and be able to get a little bit of a workout before you make it to your fishing spot.

Finally one of the bigger benefits is they are much more exciting than doing something like just fishing off of the peer.

What to look for in a tandem fishing kayak specifically for fishing

There are few things you’re going to need to look for when you’re choosing a tandem kayak specifically for fishing. A lot of tandem kayaks do not come with the extra gear required for fishing or the extra storage compartments they are made just for regular recreational kayaking. However some models do come with the added storage and fishing space here are some things that you should definitely consider and look for when buying a tandem kayak.

Storage space

This is definitely one of the biggest things you’re going to have to look for when choosing a tandem fishing kayak now there is obviously an issue because there is another paddler in the kayak with you it’s harder to find space and storage space within the kayak however there are some models that have developed intelligent ways of adding storage space in different areas for example if it’s a sit on top kayak some of these tandem kayaks have additional dry storage areas near the foot areas of each kayak.

Rod holders

Now another big must-have for a fishing tandem kayak are the rod holders. You need to have space within the kayak to be able to put your rods otherwise you’re going to have a hard time finding out where to position them while having another person in the kayak. I would say rod holders are a must and if you choose a kayak without them you have to be prepared to install your own.

Comfortable seating

This point cannot be overstated since you’re going to be sitting in the kayak and fishing for a long period of time you have to have the most comfortable seating possible. A lot of tandem kayaks have the option of you buying an aftermarket seat after the fact however if you want to take advantage of it all in one price you should choose the best seat that you can find that comes along with the kayak to start.

Tracking and stability

Fishing kayaks tend to be a bit wider so that they are much more stable and cannot tip over because of the extra gear that you have with you so tracking becomes something that you have to compromise on and speed becomes lower. The biggest thing you look for here is the stability a lot of the wider kayaks are made for better stability however it’s best that you discuss and look for some reviews on the kayak you’re about to buy to make sure that it does in fact have adequate stability this will be huge for when you are fishing and allow you not to bobble around too much.

Fishfinder attachments

This is an added accessory that many fishing kayaks are coming with these days it allows you to have a space to easily attach your fishfinder and your transducer.

Wrapping up

As you can see tandem kayak fishing is in as easy as just buying any tandem kayak and going out on the water you need to make sure that you have the right equipment before you set out. Hopefully you have learned a little bit from this guide and good luck on your tandem kayak fishing adventure.

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