kayak fish finder tips, are they really worth it?

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Firstly when you’re discussing and trying to find out if you really want kayak fishfinder the first thing you need to think about are the following.

Before you get started if you havent read our kayak fish finder guide please go ahead and do so here.

Where are you fishing north south west etc…

What kind of water are you fishing in rivers lakes etc list goes on…

Lastly what are you fishing for ex if for bass it will really vary if you fish small lakes shallow grass you don’t need a kayak fish finder…

Fishing bigger lakes with clearer water you will have a lot of benefits seeing depth and what depths your sitting in.

Situations you want one are to bigger lakes, deeper water and fish that are elating deeper

In mid west don’t need one since fish appear at shallower waters so purchasing a kayak fishfinder would be a bit of overkill.

If you’re Catching bass in less than 10 feet of water you may not really benefit from a kayak fishfinder.

Some areas that are beneficial for bass in south east fishing ledges you will want a fish finder.

Looking at some of these questions you start to see that there is no right or wrong answers lots of benefits to having one but if your fishing in shallow waters its not a large benefit to having one and you can usually steer clear.

The reason I don’t use it is because I use smaller lakes and I don’t want to go through the trouble of mounting and charging the battery which requires lots of added wait.

Things that stick out on a fish finder

Chart plotting

This is similar to a gps device you have maps you get to see trails where you have gone re drifting and using the trails to your advantage you can see what was productive and redrift spots. This is a huge added benefit and not to be underestimated after a long day of fishing you have the ability to see and plot where you had the most success.

Setting directions

You can set directions point a to point b you can navigate through different river systems. This is a great boon especially when fishing through large lake areas where you might otherwise get lost in areas you have not fixed before.


You can also use it for way-points which is a huge bonus.

Being able to put maps on your unit allows you to understand your lakes a lot better.

Sonar logging

Sonar logging allows you to track your sonar and tie it to GPS coordinates which means you can take your sonar log and create your own maps and create and see where things are and create way-points after you finish fishing which is a really cool bonus.

Is it worth it

If you don’t have a chart-plotter or sonar capabilities on your fish finder you are missing out since these added benefits are not incredibly expensive but come with a lot of added extra features.

Overall a fish finder can seem like it’s a luxury on many kayaks. But for many people they simply can’t fish without one and the added benefits that you get from a fishfinder definitely make it worthwhile. If you cannot afford a fish finder you can still have a lot of fun fishing without one however if you can afford one there are very few negatives and a whole ton of positives to having one to be able to take on kayaking trips with you. Overall we would recommend a fishfinder even if you can afford the smaller cheaper models but you will be missing out on some of the cool features of the more expensive models like chart plotting.

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