US Patent Number: 7,124,702, Fishing kayak with a deployable fan-tail

A watercraft that is streamline in its traditional form for efficient paddling — but wait — flip a lever and it’s as stable as a Jon boat, fulfilling the demanding needs of a sportsman?

Why not? Kayak fishing is about quickly accessing hard to reach hot-spots, and fishing from a seated position is passive and not effective. So to achieve the best kayak fishing experience we had to engineer something special. We sat down and combined our experience on the water with our engineering prowess and created kayaks that quickly transition into an angling platform.

That is what we patented — a vessel that fishes as well as it paddles.

But wait…we did not stop there. In 2009 we took the patent one step further and redesigned the outriggers so they also could be pivoted into an “in-line position”. This made the boat more efficient and silent when poling in shallow water with spooky fish or on flats.

What is next? We cannot say, but fish assured, our engineers are always thinking …and fishing.